About Us

Herlushco thrives at the intersection of alchemy, botany, and cosmetology to bring you remarkable discoveries from nature's garden. Our products are an unadulterated expression of nature’s most well-kept secrets that elevate your natural beauty and enable you to embrace your highest self.

At the heart of every HerLushCo product is the triumph of making you feel ‘Lush’ best!


We bring together unsurpassed quality of raw ingredients, commitment to natural beauty, and push for sustainability, so you can feel the touch of exclusivity every time you pick up a HerLushCo product.

We pamper you with understated, unmatched, and unbelievable luxury. You have to experience it to understand. 

Clean Beauty

The whisper of wild-harvested botanicals echoes through ever HerLushCo product. Nourish yourself to the uncompromised love of nature and hear your natural beauty sing.